Tuesday, January 4, 2011

HELLO 2011


Welcome to 2011 and say daaa to 2010..the memory in 2010 will not be forgotten and i will make the 2011 for the wonderful year to be more sucess in my studies and for my life. so starting today, i want to try my best to write in english. i really think that my english is sucks. and i doesn't have any confidence to talk in english because i think i was to worst people when talk in english. so, to solve my problem, it better for me to write english in my blogg so that i will improve my english. so bile2 grammar tunggang tebalik harap maaf lah ek..but i will try my best just have a small grammatical error..(ntah betuii ke tak aku cakap ni)..pham kan..tak paham buat2 paham je lah..

On 3 January 2011, i was continue my journey as a students of course right..so in first day, i was really happy because i meet my friends.usually of course when 1 month and 15 days, we were not meet at all, so of course there were a lot of storiess, gosssiippss...that we like to share to our friends. and for sure all of us do the same things right. your friends will tell u that she had a great holiday with her/his family, then hangout with their friends and many more..

so i were sooooo happy because i got my result..at first i thought that my pointer for this semester doesn't increase. but ALHAMDULILAH to ALLAH because i got 3.56...eventhough it increase only a small number but i really grateful because this is my effort and it was worth it to me..i was really happy and i still believe that i will got more pointers for the new semester. i want to get the pengarah award and since i kids i only got the good results , i think just 3 times only...so it is time to make a WAR for myself to get better result.and i hope fot this new semester i will get 3.60

muke takut dapat result(takut ke??happy je)

the students that wanna get their results..for sure at this time all of us were too scareddddd to got the result and our faces showss everything...

this is the place that we got our results

muke happy gilee tggu result..blh lg happy..mmg gile lah aku ni kan..org laen sume cuaakk gile..

then ptg tue aku ngn 2 of my close friends in maktab which is zaza and cikin went to GIANT to but some stuff..

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