Thursday, January 13, 2011



hellow..experiences...i think many of u have a lot of interesting and sad experience that u have through all your same as me too. i have experience which i have to wear the "unit beruniform baju koprat" it's like i doesn't have any confident at all when i wear this..i personally think that i look soooooo....uglyy, when i wear this ....

for me, i think this one is one of my experience that i have to gone through as a student. no matter what i think, what i believe that i look ugly when wear this but, i still need to wear this "baju koprat". so, i hope that when i have join this " unit beruniform", i will make it as useful for me eventhough i doesn't have any female friends in my class who joined this "unit beruniform"...



  1. uik..napa ko kene pakai baju ni ade ugly ok....cute jek..garang u nyeeehhhh..meerrraaahhhh.hahaha

  2. hahaha..xd
    aku bakal jd cikgu PBSM kat skola rendah nyeeehh..
    cool x??