Sunday, March 13, 2011



hello readers...

okie today i went to MASJED INDIA and Jalan TAR with my sister, kak tikah..

she is the one that ask me to accompanied her to go there.
At first, her friend will join us with is kak ayuzie..but she woke up late i just with my sister continue our journey to SHOPPING...!!

okie BILA DAN NAMA PEREMPUAN...mmg pantang je nak pergi SHOPPING..
nampak je berkenan dekat hati terus nak GRAB je tanpe tgk HARGE bape..
at last menyesal sbb spent banyak sgt duit..
tue mmg sah-sah perangai aku yang susah sgt nk bendung...

maybe the last solutions is just give all my money to my DAD..
then i don't have any money, so that i wouldn't buy anything that i like..

kegilaan aku setelah penat ber SHOPPING...!
inilah ragam perempuan seperti aku yg tak dapat lari dari masalah nk SHOPPING je keje nyer..